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Stop that ar jaw o' yourn, there," said Tom, gruffly.
Now, what they thought had become too inadequate for their appetite by gruffly seeking the NJC top-job, is going to be taken away, except someone is thinking of frustrating the implementation of the apex court judgement.
SHOW me your identity card,' a security official gruffly asks the bus driver at the Malakand checkpost on the road to Swat.
Ford eases back gruffly into a familiar role, noticeably with less spring in his step, while composers Benjamin Wallfisch and Hans Zimmer crank up the volume on their bombastic score.
Gosling gives a restrained performance while Ford eases back gruffly into a familiar role.
She is gruffly nurturing, loving and generous with her time.
Just be careful," he said gruffly as he left me in the pens with three fearsomely large woolled tups.
Basses ground away gruffly, the upper strings soared and suddenly the music began to resemble the composer Robert Simpson's description of its "compact supple movement" and "dangerous lithe economy.
Jane turns out to be as steely-nerved as a newborn kitten with her former beau gruffly defending her in time-honoured (and time-worn) tradition.
DISY's Andreas Themistocleous, known for his reactionary views, having in the past branded homosexuals as social deviants, gruffly stated:
Here, Robakowski's gruffly sardonic voice-over description (perhaps invented) of the intimate details of his neighbors' lives defines the arc of the film.
Give the footwear you took back," I said gruffly, as Vinnie Jones might have done.