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I've never laid hand to you," said Martin gruffly, certain stinging words of Nellie's still smarting.
I'm afraid I must ask you to empty your pockets and make sure," observed the colonel, gruffly.
Odd or even," said the stranger gruffly, "I tell you, not a bit on it
I go a pilgrim to Canterbury Town," answered Will Stutely, speaking gruffly, so that none might know his voice.
I fancy he must have belonged to some society sworn to abstain from bread and jam; for he declined it quite gruffly, as if he were vexed at being tempted with it, and he added that it was his duty to turn us off.
One of the soldiers, evidently suffering, shouted gruffly and angrily at Pierre to go back.
She figured him sternly weighing instances of her levity in this masculine court of inquiry into feminine morality and gruffly dismissing both her and her family with some half-sarcastic, half-tolerant phrase which sealed her doom, as far as he was concerned, for ever.
answered the Saw-Horse, gruffly, and dashed away so suddenly that Tip had to gasp for breath and hold firmly to the post he had driven into the creature's neck.
Never," Trent answered gruffly "Don't know that I want to either.
Go, and don't you trouble yourself about me more than I do myself," the Prince gruffly replied.
My "Scenes of Modern Prison Life" had not sold so well as had been anticipated, and my publisher was gruffly disinclined to speculate in any future works done in the same style.
But before the real personal fright could soundly clutch her, one of the young fellows said gruffly, "Come along with me, you," and as she wedged out at his heels she noticed that another one of the escort was following her.