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In his correspondence it is notable how often Morris aligns himself with the figure of the grumbler or obstinate complainant.
Kykendall, an 800- and 1,600-meter specialist at Hart High, had devolved into something of a self-admitted grumbler in the fall, continually complaining, along with his teammates, about the physical strain they were putting on their bodies.
The reader is left to consider who is more quarrelsome, the founder as visitor or the designated grumbler.
His reputation as a grumbler traveled far and wide.
And my Aunt Betty Rosenberg qualified as an occasional grumbler because of her idiotic isolationist view that no American hand lotion could hold a candle to Nivea Cream and no indigenous mouthwash to Odol.
Jukes, who was really good for trade, but at least a disposition to avoid quarreling with the old grumbler, partly, perhaps, out of fear of the old grumbler's tongue.
Broadway is winning" - Little Britain star Matt Lucas "If I hear one more person use the event (the floods) as a basis for complaining about overseas aid, I shall take the grumbler by the scruff of the neck and deposit him or her in an Ethiopian slum" - Former Tory Minister Ann Widdecombe.
Gravel can either be sorted out simply or it can linger and grumble for ages, and we have got a lingerer and grumbler at the moment.
Gravel can either be sorted out simply or it can linger and grumble for ages and we have a lingerer and grumbler.
He's a great grumbler with a full set of working grudges children can all share.
This is something the average miserable grumbler who is now revelling at their loss would never consider doing himself, being too narrow minded and self-indulgent having spent all his money on himself instead of saving some - the root cause of the 'credit crunch' itself.
This was the moment that first roused my inner skeptic, the grumbler who refuses to let me enjoy a bit of uplift without bringing me down, nattering on about meaning.