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The conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan once grumpily lamented the rise of "the iPod people.
In one note of dissent, Larry Rivers once called Porter's paintings "flat-footed" To me, in the present show, the), appear to shuffle through the Amherst quadrangle with a copy of William Shawn's New Yorker grumpily rolled under one elbow-patched arm.
But when you grumpily try to click again, the individual letters fly around avoiding your arrowhead.
By dinner she grumpily proclaimed, `I'm really starving
Perhaps acting on some foggy notion of doing something worthwhile with his life, Cahit grumpily agrees to the young beauty's plan.
Grumpily, I plunked down the $16 for tickets, expecting a hokey freak show with little appeal for our Nintendo-generation grade-schoolers.
Ferrari were criticised in Austria two months ago, when Rubens Barrichello grumpily gave up second spot to his team leader, Michael Schumacher, at the last corner.
because it is usually wrong"[270]) could serve as an epigraph for the collection as a whole, for new historicism - as Paul Stanwood rather grumpily indicates - is the unifying critical method.
A rainy day isn't good for anything," Cinnamon Bear said grumpily.
After years of sitting grumpily dissecting bad sermons, here was my chance
After fielding several questions about the wisdom of the government's action, Kissinger grumpily observed, "America seems to specialize into putting 300,000 or more troops somewhere and afterwards starting a debate how important that is.
I think," one history teacher said grumpily, "the chair should have gone to the senior member of the faculty.