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Excited children miss out on an entire day of sleep over Christmas and their grumpiness causes most festive rows, according to new research.
Despite the girl's team winning the challenge with their Health and Safety-baiting velcro suits for small children, the real champ on the night was the deadpan Dee, exhibiting the same flat cap-wearing grumpiness that saw him walk away with the first Celebrity Big Brother.
He just told me not to mistake any grumpiness for anything other than being into the role.
Customers with medium-sized baskets have the shortest fuses, with 60% of them showing grumpiness.
He'll even give you or your grumpy mate or work colleague a FREE prescription for grumpiness which might cheer them out of their grumpy mood
They are an unhappy bunch with star man Alexander Mostovoi sent home for criticising the coach and the grumpiness of the squad has shown through on the field.
I walked into the London launch of the company's 2001 spring tour filled with urban grumpiness, and came out floating.
If that sounds bitchy, the grumpiness is redeemed by Plagens's recoil at honeyed hype.
My son, after listening to my low-level grumpiness for two nights in a row, suggested an antidote to mid-summer politics overload and tuned in "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central.
Hitherto, the emphasis seems to have been laid upon the eccentricities of the man - his grumpiness, his litigious nature (and that despite his being a barrister, who should on that account have known better
Ed Miliband had a rare standing ovation at a Scottish TUC renowned for its grumpiness.