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The first series of Grumpy Old Women was screened on BBC2 and featured a diverse, colourful and grumpy group of celebrities including Germaine Greer, Sheila Hancock, Janet Street-Porter and Ann Widdecombe.
WILL the nation's real grumpy gits please stand up .
Grumpy Cat's hackedexpression is caused -off ed by te hacked-caused dwarfism and under bite.
Grumpy Goats partners with WorldVision to give goats to communities in need, click here to find out more: WorldVision.
Production of these coffees supports many community initiatives including education, women's welfare and environmental initiatives, proving Grumpy Mule's ethos that great tasting coffee can also be a positive ethical choice.
Secretly Judith and I hope that it will run for ever and that one day there will be a Grumpy Idol series where loads of middle-aged women frighten the living daylights out of Simon Cowell.
Had I been 10, 20 or 30 years younger, my message would have been the same, and that would make me a grumpy young man.
uk/film/2013/may/30/grumpy-cat-star-movie-feature-film) most influential cat of the year by MSNBC in 2012, a smile free policy has proved the key to success for Grumpy Cat.
He's also the only person to have been in every series of Grumpy Old Men - a feat he attributes to his moaning prowess.
Summary: Hugh Grant revealed he would be a "surprisingly grumpy pirate".
London, Oct 26 (ANI): Wrinkly rock star Ronnie Wood said no to alcohol after he discovered himself turning into grumpy OAP Victor Meldrew.
WHEN I GROW OLD AND GRUMPY When I grow old and grumpy I'll do exactly what I like And if the mood should take I will go out for a hike I'd look out for some garden paths That's freshly been cemented And jump along them in and out Just like a man demented Then when it snowed I'd make some balls And throw them at the kids Jump in my car and speed away With lots of handbrake skids I'll knock on doors then run away, and hide Just out of view when I grow old and grumpy That's exactly what I'll do And after they have answered I would do it all again I'd get them going crazy Oh, I'd really be a pain Graffiti here, graffiti there I wouldn't give a stuff And when told I 'shouldn't do that' I would quickly say 'well tuff'