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Q: Would guaranteed funding create an individual entitlement to health care?
Regarding guaranteed funds, I raise a big red caution flag.
In that case, the taxpayers were officers and stockholders in a manufacturing corporation and trod guaranteed certain of the company's debt.
These initial rates are usually equal to or lower than last year's full-term guaranteed rates, but they leave the consumer vulnerable to price increases later.
IncomeFlexaddresses these changing expectations and needs of Baby Boomers by offering a guaranteed lifetime income solution with exceptional flexibility and control," said John Y.
Mallory said that the low credit limits imposed on the FmHA guaranteed program along with administratively imposed limits on hired farm labor have artificially restricted the program in the state.
The rating of the Guaranteed Notes reflects the likelihood that investors will receive timely interest payments through the redemption date as well as the stated principal balance of the notes.
The plan ensures enrollees a lifetime guaranteed price for the high blood pressure drug Lotensin.
Prudential Retirement has introduced an innovative new series of investment options for retirement plan sponsors and participants called Capital Guarantee Funds(SM), which provide participants with a guaranteed protection of principal, growth potential through the equity markets and a guarantee of receiving investment gains despite any subsequent drops in market values.
The partnership agreement has a written provision that Michael is to receive a guaranteed payment for three years for the use of his capital.
RJR's guaranteed notes are also removed from Rating Watch Negative, where they had earlier been placed on May 19, 2006.