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Ms Baird, a leading QC, said American lawyers were guardedly optimistic that they could convince the Supreme Court of the case.
21-22 exhibition, and most attendees and exhibitors were guardedly upbeat about the industry's prospects in 2004.
We're hopeful we're going to get in front of one more person with one more product -- we're guardedly optimistic," said Dennis McCarthy, national sales manager.
Asked if he believes that life might be found on another planet, Mazeh said guardedly that it appears at present that conditions enabling life could be found on other planets.
Archibald was guardedly optimistic after the unprecedented June 2002 meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in Dallas, which included riveting testimony from survivors of clergy sex abuse and public rebukes of the U.
Though Summerville guardedly gives credit to the company for its recent policy change, she notes the deep feeling of hurt that lingered for years after her dismissal, not to mention the financial hardship the termination caused her and her family.
Concludes Freilich, "We have some more waiting to do before anything transpires, although I am guardedly optimistic that business will be a little better in 2003 than it was in 2002.
We believe you have cause to be guardedly optimistic.
While automaker after automaker makes announcements regarding new facilities and growth opportunities in China, one of the industry's Tier One suppliers is guardedly optimistic about expanding in the booming market.
But after the initial backlash, some school systems are guardedly welcoming the cell set back into their hallways.
My office, and I use the term guardedly, is one of the two bunks in the rear of Spirit of Cardiff's cabin, so it's not possible to use it during the hours of darkness, when two crew are on watch, the other two sleeping.
The third quarter show signs of progress relative to the immediately proceeding quarter and makes the company guardedly optimistic as to the final results for this unusual financial year.