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On a continuous rating scale from zero to 100 with zero being very pessimistic, 50 being neutral, and 100 being very optimistic, Indiana CPAs were found to be guardedly optimistic about the prospects for the U.
Their project is being guardedly referred to as a semi-autonomous unmanned air vehicle designed for flight reconnaissance in underground mines or any subterranean environment.
purview, and it sounded guardedly positive after last week's selection of members.
We are guardedly optimistic that we can make the case, and nobody has to go nuclear on either side.
I'm guardedly hopeful that maybe we're in a period of co-evolution like that now, [where all sorts of new ways of thinking and dealing with things are possible].
Overall, Gulf Coast operators are guardedly optimistic that gas supplies will grow over the intermediate term," he said.
Taiwan's government guardedly welcomed Friday a Japanese court ruling that decided Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's visits to the war-related Yasukuni Shrine are unconstitutional.
GUARDEDLY OPTIMISTIC: Tranmere will hit the ground running, insists boss Brian Little (right
I shall be speaking to the chairman on Monday but beyond that I am not saying anything because I don't want to pre-empt the situation,' said Palmer guardedly.
At press time, scientists were guardedly optimistic that contamination from the impact hadn't ruined the samples of solar wind particles, collected on the shattered ultra-pure wafers of gold, sapphire, silicon, and diamond.
Ms Baird, a leading QC, said American lawyers were guardedly optimistic that they could convince the Supreme Court of the case.
21-22 exhibition, and most attendees and exhibitors were guardedly upbeat about the industry's prospects in 2004.