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Guardian ad Litem volunteer child advocates provide advocacy for over 2,950 children to help them navigate the tumultuous legal system.
Sargent failed to subpoena the guardian ad litem, who was not in court for cross-examination.
The guardian ad litem must notify OFAC of the name, interest, and addresses of the Cuban heirs involved in the estate, as well as the filing of an oath of the guardian ad litem with the probate court.
iv) Thereafter, armed with legal aid which had been granted at the beginning of July, the Trust and the Guardian Ad Litem Agency failed to agree a letter of instruction to X until the end of August 2006.
Wolfson also expressed his belief that "due process requires that the ward's interests continue to be represented in all further proceedings herein" by a guardian ad litem or "other appropriate fiduciary.
Where the child's expressed preference would injure the child--as opposed to merely being contrary to the lawyer's opinion of what would be in the child's interests--the lawyer may request appointment of a guardian ad litem and continue to represent the child's expressed preference, unless the child's position is prohibited by law or without any factual foundation.
Today in Palm Beach County too many abused and neglected children go to court with no one there to stand up for them, to be their voice," said Cicely Roberts, Circuit Director for the Guardian ad Litem Program.
Every primate who does not have a guardian shall be provided a guardian ad litem when necessary to protect the primate's rights.
The GAL Program is proud of our mission to represent the best interests of Florida's abused and neglected children," said Alan Abramowitz, Executive Director of Guardian ad Litem, Florida.
They assert that there will be a duplication of services and that the existence of the Guardian ad Litem Program, which represents a child's best interests and will be explored in the sections below, negates the need for the appointment of an attorney ad litem in a dependency case.
The court will appoint a guardian ad litem to investigate the circumstances and make a recommendation to the court regarding what custodial arrangement will serve the best interests of the children.
This hearing concerned an application by the Official Solicitor for a declaration that a resident magistrate had no jurisdiction to order a guardian ad litem (GAL) to make disclosure of notes of her conversations with a mother and with her children, either to the mother or to other parties.