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noun adoption, auspices, care, charge, control, custody, patronage, preservation, protectorship, safekeeping, trust
See also: administration, adoption, affiliation, auspices, bondage, charge, control, custody, detention, patronage, preservation, protection, restraint, safekeeping, supervision, support, trust, ward

GUARDIANSHIP, persons. The power or protective authority given by law, and imposed on an individual who is free and in the enjoyment of his rights, over one whose weakness on account of his age, renders him unable to protect himself. Vide Tutor.

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At the present time, the MP noted, the children placed under guardianship for the duration of the mother's stay in places of deprivation of liberty, in most cases do not have the opportunity to communicate with her.
They do not always share the position of the parent who is serving a sentence, claiming to communicate with children, and the guardianship and trusteeship bodies.
After his family experienced the grief and fury professional guardianship fraud generates, Larsen realized tens of thousands of other families were experiencing the same heartache.
Guardianship is a state's termination of an individual's legal status or personhood under the law.
In October, Labarga established the Guardianship Workgroup under the court's Judicial Management Council, the group that advises the chief justice and the Supreme Court on long-range issues confronting Florida's judiciary.
Under the guardianship system a male family member, normally the father, husband or brother, must grant permission for a woman's study, travel and other activities.
Sheik Abdulaziz al-Sheik, however, rejected the women's request, saying the guardianship system never will be abolished, calling the Twitter campaign "a crime against Islam" and a threat to Saudi society, (http://www.
635 revises Florida's guardianship statutes to provide increased protection for wards in guardianship proceed ings by making the screening process for proposed guardians more stringent and by providing stricter scrutiny of a guardian's control over a ward's assets.
Wright, Guardianship for Your Own Good: Improving the Well-Being of Respondents and Wards in the USA, 33 Int'l J.
Before the revolution, the Egyptian Engineers' Syndicate suffered under strict guardianship ordered by Mubarak's regime; syndicate elections were suspended for 15 years.
Clearly, there is a need to assess whether the guardianship and administration system sufficiently addresses the needs of older people.

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