guess wrong

References in classic literature ?
By some mysterious law of nature you invariably guess wrong, and are thereupon regarded by all the relatives and friends as a mixture of fool and knave, the enormity of alluding to a male babe as "she" being only equaled by the atrocity of referring to a female infant as "he".
Asked how many people he had paid, Sheen said: "I don't want to guess wrong but enough to bring it into the millions, and what people forget is that is money they are taking from my children.
Incidentally, this is one of the reasons that strategy formulation tends to involve multiple people in an organization: when you guess wrong, there can be safety in numbers.
If I contract forward and I guess wrong, I'm stuck with my decision.
The problem with speculating is that if you guess wrong, your quote could be used against you forever.
But most voters would rather vote with their hearts than their heads, and in any case they could easily guess wrong in a close race.
If we guess wrong, that error could propagate to a built board.
If both guess wrong it is again a draw and the bones are hidden again.
And since nobody knows, the best you can do is make an informed guess and use stop-losses to reverse your position if you guess wrong.
So the lesson of this commandment is this: When things are going real well, any change should be deeply considered and entered into slowly with the full knowledge that with any significant change probably there is a lot more to lose if you guess wrong, than you would gain if you guess right
Compliance requires such a significant amount of time and money to be spent before the law takes effect that our family simply cannot wait until 2015 to comply nor can we afford to guess wrong," said Benson of JS West.