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Failing to guess the first two items presented, Gates finally got it right on his third try, when he correctly guessed the price of a dental floss.
Naeem, 45, guessed, PS50: "Really lovely outfit and doesn't look cheap either.
Not only did he guess eight words in 30 seconds - the most words guessed - he's won Dh5,000 with Toys R Us Middle East, which he is donating to charity.
He knows if the pitcher throws a slider, the runner will score with some probability no matter what he guessed.
Helen Yendall, correctly guessed the mystery flavour as sour cream and spring onion to win the cash.
Around 800,000 people guessed at three mystery seasonings but it was a Londoner who guessed the third new flavour had all the hallmarks of a Birmingham chicken balti.
On the first go they got one number right, on the second they got three and on the third they guessed four.
2 : to solve correctly mainly by chance <I guessed the riddle.