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The guessers, in fact, knew no more than the common people and sometimes less.
Participants are randomly assigned to fill one of three roles in each run of the game: reader (R), guesser (G), or judge (J).
So the guesser must use hand motions to make his guess.
In each of the eight rounds of the study, the guessers bought advice from one of four other volunteers.
Just because you haven't managed to get 8-1, don't wrinkle your nose at 5-1 - particularly in the coming months when the Quinn jumpers get going as it is not a yard stuffed with guessers.
historians and second guessers of ancient battles, rejoice.
ONE "wag" in the pub this week said Mike may have had a heart attack in the Street, but the worst time to have one is during a game of charades, because if your mates are not good guessers, you're in more trouble than you think.
You're seeing second guessers out there,'' he said.
The poet and novelist Sir Walter Scott remarked about the prognostication skills of physicians, "they are bad guessers.
Just how many of this side will be wearing the club colours when the next assault on the Premiership begins is known only to Cecil Duckworth and Geoff Cooke but there were some educated guessers in the audience here.
It took each of our six guessers an average of 2 1/2 hours to guess the 292 words in the 12 sentences and each guesser produced, on average, over 1300 different guesses (even when we restricted the time allowed for this guessing to 30 seconds as opposed to the 60 seconds which Goldman-Eisler allowed).