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Walkouts by the employees who guide planes to parking places are now in their third week, and have so far had a limited impact at Frankfurt, Europe's third-busiest airport in terms of passenger numbers.
THE Irish Aviation Authority had to shut down the radar it uses to guide planes safely in and out of Dublin Airport after two glitches.
Pilots are being forced to guide planes in NSW this evening because of a shortage of air traffic controllers.
She's so loud she could guide planes in to land in the fog.
Each landing strip is outfitted with its own instrument-landing system that acts as a beacon to guide planes onto arriving runways.
This winter, workers at the airport will carry out work to upgrade the runway as well as updating equipment used to guide planes in.
Her job is to guide planes on and off the ship's flight deck, her mother said.
An ILS is used to guide planes to the runway, and it provides information to the pilot about the location of the runway and the plane's relationship to it.