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GPS Insight, (TM) as demonstrated recently at the 'Economic Crime - Threats and Responses Conference' in London, is a game-changing new data platform that will have a global impact on investigation, intelligence gathering, and corporate integrity and project monitoring services by providing a pro-active use of all forms of data, whether from digital, paper, or online sources," said Joseph Jaffe, Senior Managing Director of Guidepost Solutions Ltd.
High-accuracy location detection - Configuring its Wi-Fi infrastructure for indoor location detection instead of communication using low-power beacon transmission enables Guidepost Cell to provide high-accuracy location detection with minimal power consumption
Stuart Richardson, managing director of UPS Freight, said: "We are proud to support Guideposts with their vision to meet the needs of a disadvantaged group of people and to strengthen their community through the advancement of education and counselling.
Their guideposts, when considered together, are intended to put employees in a position to understand and appreciate their health care benefits.
Myers Wood brings into Guidepost Solutions a distinguished management team of former federal investigators and government leaders.
Guidepost was earmarked for closure after being rated inadequate by Ofsted.
As previously reported by The Journal, Guidepost was earmarked for closure after being one of 17 visited by Ofsted last October following concerns over the standard of education in the county.
The acquisition of Investigative Advisory Group expands our geographic reach on the West Coast, particularly for our services in the entertainment and sports industries, which has been a growing part of our business," said Andrew O'Connell, CEO of Guidepost Solutions.
Jaffe and Brennan will significantly enhance the capabilities of Guidepost Solutions' London office, as well as its further reach into Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).
It's hoped young and old will take part in the project, which runs over three sessions at Choppington before moving on to Guidepost later in August.
GOOD BUSINESS Students from the summer school at Guidepost Middle School and Bedlington High School with Councillor Alyson Wallace
NEW YORK -- Guidepost Solutions announced today the appointment of Kenneth V.

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