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GUILD. A fraternity or company. Guild hall, the place of meeting of guilds. Beame's, Glanville, 108 (n).

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59) In the absence of women, government and justice could be carried out by calm, rational male guildsmen.
Ambivalence rather than hard and fast rules characterized the way guildsmen in Augsburg acted, and there was little uniformity in the way executioners and skinners were handled from city to city.
Guildsmen won't just be selling their wares; various craftsmen will show the procedures that go into making their art at the demonstration village located on site.
Deceulaer, Guildsmen, Entrepreneurs and Market Segments: 6-9.
The gates of Hell cannot prevail and, as Clifford Davidson notes, the knocking of Anima Christi therefore becomes central to the play--because of it, guildsmen were obliged to construct a Hell-mouth with gates that would appear to collapse.