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Henceforth his might we know, and know our own So as not either to provoke, or dread New warr, provok't; our better part remains To work in close design, by fraud or guile What force effected not: that he no less At length from us may find, who overcomes By force, hath overcome but half his foe.
So, listening to the advice of Theology, all the company rode off to London, Guile leading the way.
And wonder took hold of the deathless gods and mortal men when they saw that which was sheer guile, not to be withstood by men.
They were commonplace, earnest, without smiles and without guile.
There was a look of guile and subtlety in her face, a sound of it in her voice.
I should have some," said Levin, not without some guile, hoping Veslovsky would be tempted by the vodka, and would go away to them.
Her mild eyes seemed incapable of any severity or guile, and yet she has committed a murder.
A creature,' continued the young man, passionately, 'a creature as fair and innocent of guile as one of God's own angels, fluttered between life and death.
This Toby has been stolen in youth from another gentleman, and fraudulently sold to the confiding hero, who having no guile himself has no suspicion that it lurks in others; but Toby, entertaining a grateful recollection of his old master, and scorning to attach himself to any new patrons, not only refuses to smoke a pipe at the bidding of Punch, but to mark his old fidelity more strongly, seizes him by the nose and wrings the same with violence, at which instance of canine attachment the spectators are deeply affected.
In "Street Fighter," Van Damme plays Colonel Guile, an Allied Nations commando who leads an unlikely band of street fighters on a covert mission to rescue relief workers from the psychotic, self-styled warlord General M.
If I could get Merse to play 90 minutes, we might have that little bit of guile.
more than Piazza ever could about getting batters out long after your best stuff is gone and grinding out an extra inning or three on guts and guile.