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If its vision is as magenta-tinged as the sunglasses on the movie's poster, it's the rare kind of piece that works sharp dialogue, incisive humor and smart, unique performances (add Fairuza Balk's quick turn as the most unconsciously perceptive Band Aid to the litany of shrewd characterizations) into a framework of slick, studied guilelessness.
Again, the slave's supposed guilelessness undoes the master's plan.
Kennedy's charm came in part from his guilelessness, even about this: taking a subway to Yankee Stadium last week while on crutches, he was surprised that passengers stood up to give him their seats.
31) there is a guilelessness in his personality that draws the reader through the straightforward presentation to an appreciation that is even more keen, when the author, in later chapters, refers to so many of the interesting and famous personalities of the music world of the twentieth century.
Like Carla, Nora is drawn to Yehia's purity; his guilelessness and warmth.
The purity of her line, the directness of her gesture, the clarity of her articulation, the vulnerability with which she permits the music to engulf her limbs, and the sheer naturalness of her demeanor--all betoken the guilelessness of this country at its finest.
Laura's return to innocence even goes counter to Rossetti's later estimation, in The Face of the Deep, that "innocence we cannot recover, but purity and guilelessness we, by God's help, may" (p.
In contrast, Noland's swing set turns guilelessness into a form of aggression.
More than a year after her fall from guilelessness, the most decorated Olympic gymnast in U.