guilty verdict

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Standing back, the simple reality is that Pardon disagreed with the guilty verdict," said Lord Judge, who heard the appeal with Mr Justice Royce and Mr Justice Globe.
The guards gave him a bit of patter to keep him calm but when the guilty verdict came in, he kicked off in a big way.
Serious investors will not stop investing in Russia in light of a guilty verdict in the high-profile, politically-charged trial of jailed former Yukos Oil Company tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, but the trial will affect some sectors of Russian foreign investment according to an economic analsyst for the world's biggest Russia fund.
Jayant Patel, 60, was ordered into police custody until Thursday's sentencing after a jury returned guilty verdicts on all charges against him.
February 11, 2010, Andrews, Texas--It took the jury less than an hour to return a not guilty verdict this morning for Anne Mitchell, RN, defendant in the criminal trial that has come to be known as the "Winkler County nurses" trial.
Mario Duggan, 55, from Carmarthen, sobbed into a large handkerchief as the jury delivered its not guilty verdict.
But even though a guilty verdict was a foregone conclusion in the Soviet-style UN "trial," Milosevic--serving as his own chief defense counsel--just weeks before his death, pried loose an important piece of evidence that may have gotten him killed.
The 2nd District Court of Appeal said it is not probable that excluding the psychiatrist's testimony would have altered the jury's guilty verdict.
Lorraine Bias noted in her questionnaire that she's a fan of The Oprah Winfrey Show, and when plaintiff's lawyer Mark Lanier in his closing arguments suggested a guilty verdict might land the jury a spot on Oprah's show, Blas, rather than being creeped out by this used car salesman's trick, laughed and enjoyed the lawyer's attention.
If Roth delivers a guilty verdict, defendants receive either a modest or elaborate makeover--as needed--that will remedy the fashion faux pas that brought them into court in the first place.
Wiley said she hopes her study results will prompt physicians to "really encourage people to file charges and to let them know that trauma is really not a prerequisite for getting a guilty verdict.
Shipp's refusal to agree to a guilty verdict led to a mistrial on Feb.