guilty verdict

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Souroullas had likewise appealed to have the guilty verdict itself reversed, but the Supreme Court rejected this.
After Carter's guilty verdict last week, she expressed her disappointment over the judge's decision, and her lawyer told People magazine his client "will be weighing our various options moving forward.
This was the message of militant women's group Gabriela on Monday after the CA denied Pemberton's motion for review to reverse the guilty verdict meted out on him by the Olongapo City Regional Trial Court Branch 74.
Yesterday, a jury at Cardiff Crown Court was directed to deliver a not guilty verdict to the manslaughter charge against Rudling.
Following that outcome lawyers for Ms Kelly returned to court to challenge guilty verdicts against her which resulted in fines of PS400 being imposed last year.
The findings are telling: 47 per cent of jurors returned a guilty verdict when a defendant was in an open dock.
Legal expert William Booth predicted a guilty verdict in the case, saying that a person who shot four bullets in the toilet has to be sure that he is going to hit someone.
He claimed the jury's guilty verdicts were undermined due to the risk that one of the panel may have been prejudiced against him.
Giving judgment, Lord Judge said Pardon had been disappointed in the guilty verdict, as he had been one of the two who disagreed with the majority decision.
But following the guilty verdict Judge Guy Whitburn said: "I formed my view, I think this is a classic case of alcohol amnesia.
After a trial at Bradford Crown Court the jury of seven women and five men returned a not guilty verdict following about two hours of deliberation.
The 62-year-old Qatari also labelled the evidence as "flimsy" and, despite maintaining his innocence, believes that FIFA seem likely to hand down a guilty verdict.