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Or maybe it was because the entrepreneurs who were organising them overestimated the gullibility of the consumer society.
However, they believe he may have conned more victims who are too ashamed by their gullibility to come forward.
They contemptuously used his youth and gullibility and shed no tears when he blew himself to bits with his own bomb.
When it comes to using people's names in vain and gullibility, the Philippines certainly ranks one of the highest.
But it isn't our gullibility that the anonymous perpetrators prey upon.
Charlatan or psychic, if nothing else Uri's career is a testament to the gullibility of the American public.
Charlatan or psychic, if nothing else, Uri's career is testament to the gullibility of the American public.
His tweeting, his unpresidential demeanour at times and his gullibility in rising to the bait of his critics when he should simply ignore them.
This clever satire on the power of social media, suggestive advertising and human gullibility is told in third person narrative from the dual perspectives of Hope and Tom.
I am of the opinion that Gore traded on the gullibility of people, whichever country they lived in.
Our story shows the gullibility of our late lamented wirehaired pointing griffon, Tsar and the craftiness of one of his housemates, a little rat terrier named Drucilla (Dru).