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The gullible are bought; the bold are killed or exiled.
And Traditional Tory Theresa, spinning herself as a champion of the working class, is for the criminally gullible.
The increasing lack of credibility of our old political party system, each still favouring control from overseas, makes the leaders look like gullible misleaders.
For the gullible, there is a lesson to be learnt here that has nothing to do with education.
Somaya added, "Ahlam is very humorous and gullible.
To hoodwink gullible people they warp IT to their advantage.
He claims we have witnessed groups like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth successfully exploiting the gullible to become their foot soldiers, to fight for their extreme left-wing ideology under their green banner.
YOUR correspondent Brian Christley (Letters, August 2) is at it again doing his best to paint those of us who are opposed to his point of view on things as immature, gullible and easily exploited by people instilling bogeymen into our child-like minds, causing us to act in a completely irrational manner.
People tell me they can't believe how gullible people are.
THE Delhi Police have arrested five people for allegedly duping gullible patients on the pretext of providing ayurvedic treatment for various health problems.
Let's not forget how gullible we the British public are.
I am not so gullible, however, as to think that this can be achieved without becoming smarter in the way we manage supply and demand or without higher energy costs.