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Natural Dynamix's gummy vitamin products are made in the U.
Healthy living has become a bigger focus for more and more Americans, and the application of our gummy technology to vitamins and dietary supplements is another example of Ferrara evolving its offerings to capitalize on this trend.
Specializing in candy from chocolates to lollipops to mints to gummy bears and candy-inspired fashion apparel, accessories and novelty gift items, IT'SUGAR is a land of make believe come true for the stylish and young at heart; an ultra chic, super sweet candy-land adventure.
Premier supplements maker Coromega([R]) today debuted Coromega Kids Omega3 Gummy Fruits, expanding its line of innovative and delicious omega-3 supplements.
YummyEarth, the #1 organic candy company famous for its 21 flavors of organic candy, announced today that they have created the world's first USDA and EU certified organic gummy bears with the quintessential bouncy texture of a traditional gummy bear.
During a gummy smile reduction, the excess gum tissue will be trimmed away to expose more of the natural tooth structure.
Most popular with grown-up tasters were the assorted flavors of fruit snacks, reminiscent of Gummy Bears.
Northwest Natural Products has announced a "groovy" new and improved gummy vitamin to its best-selling line of vitamin supplements for children.
Orange County Plastic Surgeon Offers Non-Invasive Way to Treat Gummy Grins
Thin-crusted pizzas include some that surprisingly arrive without the usual smearing of tomato sauce and layer of melted, often gummy mozzarella.
Created for children who may not always receive the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables, L'il Critters Fruit & Veggie Bears provide essential vitamins and antioxidants in a fun gummy bear that children love to take.