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Mercedes will be familiar to readers of a certain age who grew up on gumshoe fiction.
This reference for detective fiction and film noir fans concentrates on the 8 film and 12 TV adaptations of the adventures of detective/mystery author Mickey Spillane's most well-known character, gumshoe Mike Hammer.
If clues in thrift stores, avid investigation of a long-cold murder scene, a hard-boozing gumshoe with a penchant for trouble, and a dual quest for justice and money are the goal, you'll find THE LONG DRUNK a quick, absorbing mystery hard to put down.
Featuring appearances from a host of nursery rhyme characters in Arnold's cartoon illustrations, gumshoe Blue rounds up an errant Dish and Spoon, snags Mary's disguised lamb before it gets to school, has a little accident with Humpty Dumpty, and tracks down a missing Miss "Goldilocks" Muffet fleeing a certain cottage in the woods.
of honey spreading slowly at my feet, gumshoe whose trace remained long
Men will gravitate to an organic cotton slip-on named the GUMshoe and D-Solve athletic footwear with jute uppers.
Upton Charles, Dog Detective, Winter Wonderland, Case Number 4" is the latest in a young adult mystery series with a quirky dog detective who happens to be a white Bishon Frise for the lead gumshoe.
Harrington calls it Gumshoe [R] and he has a trademark and patent pending on the product.
After war service in the US Army, Hayes left journalism to write radio scripts, including a series on Sam Spade, Dashiell Hammett's gumshoe.
TNT, which has scored with femme gumshoe skeins "The Closer" and "Saving Grace," will add two more originals to its slate this year, Steven Bochco's legal ensemble "Raising the Bar" and Dean Devlin's actioner "Leverage.
In Epitaph for a Tramp, for example, Markson's gumshoe, Harry Fannin, finds typed on a piece of paper in a suspected murderer's apartment: "And it is my conclusion that The Recognitions is not merely the best American first novel.
Snow, Technology And Law Enforcement: From Gumshoe to Gamma Rays.