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The divers clearly observed the gun ports on the front of each wing--indicating a military aircraft--and measured them 10 inches apart, although the air scoops were too degraded to provide useful measurements.
Many of the original features have been kept intact and incorporated into the new design, with gun ports transformed into bedroom windows and gunpowder rooms enlisted as cosy snugs.
I entered through a doorway cut into the Middle Gun Deck and instantly you feel in stride with history - the oily smell of timber garnished by that of rope, the low light of lanterns and sunlight through the gun ports.
Both Jags have security spec including Kevlar lining, run-flat tyres and gun ports to return fire.
It wasn't until later when the crews returned and we saw the black of the gun ports that we knew there had been action.
Traditionally, historians have blamed the sinking, not on the intervention of the French, but on a recklessly sharp turn and the failure to close gun ports, allowing water to flood in.
He suggests they misunderstood orders to close the gun ports, leading to flooding and the eventual sinking of the ship in the Solent, oft Portsmouth on the south coast of England.