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Dawood, who used to live on Al Wasl Road in Dubai, is suspected of terrorism attacks, gunrunning and drug dealing.
While it is still very likely that the idea of boosting gunrunning numbers and fueling violence as a way to sway the public and politicians into supporting increased restrictions on firearms and increased funding for ATF, played a significant role in the whole Gunwalker mess, its nice to think that there might have been at least a little compulsion to put scumbags away for longer periods mixed into the motivational mix.
ATF gunrunning probe strategy scrutinized after death of Border Patrol agent," The Washington Post reported.
He was facing a possible sentence of 70 years for his terrorist activities that included gunrunning, supplying money and equipment to al-Qaida, and attempts to assassinate former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf.
The two macho men now have mortgages and families, and wish to forget their past life of gunrunning for the antiapartheid struggle.
Kurt Sutter's hit show about a biker club whose members murder with impunity while gunrunning and racketeering in the fictional town of Charming, Calif.
But it waived a demand that the Turks sign undertakings not to sail again to Gaza, whose blockade it says curbs Palestinian gunrunning, for the vessels to be repatriated.
The more desperate of those staying behind found 'employment' with syndicates involved in smuggling, gunrunning, drugs or other criminal pursuits.
He was indicted last year in New York on drug trafficking and gunrunning charges.
From her nose job to her arrest for gunrunning in Panama, there was plenty more to Margot Fonteyn's life than what fans saw onstage.
Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have documented PMCs abuses including murder rape torture bartering their services for shares of lucrative drug trade and gunrunning in Columbia Rwanda Botswana Ethiopia and Sierra Leone.
MS13 gangs, notorious for drug smuggling, gunrunning and hits for hire, have spread across the U.