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They want gunrunning to be treated as seriously as drug smuggling and are pressing for the full use of the new Export Control Act.
The marshal could be part of a gunrunning racket because he somehow could have managed to smuggle in the ammunition to the hotel and hid the bullets in the airconditioning vent.
Ferris was cleared of killing Thompson in 1992 but six years later he was found guilty of gunrunning and jailed for 10 years.
Bout's lieutenant, Andrew Smulian, was arrested in Romania and is now being held in the US on the gunrunning charges.
is exploring legal action against the Virginian-Pilot newspaper over an article which claimed the store sold "most" of the firearms involved in an alleged gun trafficking operation ("11 charged in Virginia-to-New York gunrunning scheme," July 22, 2006).
Explaining how 30 per cent of the college students were Irish and that several years earlier one of them had been involved in gunrunning for the IRA, he went away 'scared and paranoid', convinced that the area was an ideal place for a terrorist cell.
The campaigning charities say they have been following Barrett-Jolley's alleged involvement in gunrunning activities for more than six years.
But in a widely criticized move, the court freed him in November, ruling that there was insufficient evidence of a gunrunning and "illicit- enrichment" conspiracy (see NotiSur, 2001-11-30).
It was then that the FBI are alleged to have tipped off Bulger about McIntyre's double dealing, saying he had blown the gunrunning operation on the ship The Marita Ann - and that sealed his fate.
It has become increasingly clear that, as in drug trafficking and gunrunning, child traffickers are organized.
Mr Towers' dad Don, from Litherland, said: "He is out of jail after the accusations against him and the others of gunrunning were quashed.
For all those calling for extricating themselves from the conflict in Syria the cleric wondered as to how Lebanon eventually turned into what he termed as "a platform for gunrunning and infiltrating of gunmen into Syria ?