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Mellow, melancholy, yet not mournful, the tone seemed to gush up out of the deep well of Hepzibah's heart, all steeped in its profoundest emotion.
I felt his blood gush over my face, but I was intoxicated, I was delirious, and the blood refreshed, instead of burning me.
The count wished to speak, but a gush of blood stifled him.
How strange that gush of human feeling from the frozen bosom of a corpse
At the base of the cliff, directly beneath the Great Carbuncle, appeared the figure of a man, with his arms extended in the act of climbing, and his face turned upward, as if to drink the full gush of splendor.
A gush of smoke came from a chimney in the rear of the edifice.
Some of these springs gush out of the earth in sufficient quantity to turn a mill; and furnish beautiful streams, clear as crystal, and full of trout of a large size, which may be seen darting about the transparent water.
The son of Atreus then wounded Hyperenor shepherd of his people, in the flank, and the bronze point made his entrails gush out as it tore in among them; on this his life came hurrying out of him at the place where he had been wounded, and his eyes were closed in darkness.
continued Georgiana, hastily; for she dreaded lest a gush of tears should interrupt what she had to say.
Oh, from out the sounding cells, What a gush of euphony voluminously wells
She protested at this, with a queer little sigh which might also have been a gush of rapture at the picture I presented.
It was as though that tree were Billy --struck by a gush of flying fire.