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David Cameron talked gushingly about how local councils could teach central government a lot about saving money during the election - yet it's the very department which funds councils which has been hit when compared to other ministries.
America's Greatest Race Course Opened to the Public', the New York Times gushingly hailed the new venue as "magnificent, perfect, a monument to DD Withers, which will make him remembered gratefully by every racegoer for decades to come".
A colleague of mine who interviewed him said gushingly later that he draws you in with his charming personality.
Malik is his own protagonist barely disguised; most of the passages are egocentric reports put in the mouth of the Englishwoman narrator, whose interest is gushingly sexual.
AoUnless you are gushingly positive or make them heroic, images of black people in paintings may be suspect.
BOSTON - While some members of Bruins Nation are, at best, guardedly optimistic about their team, not even the wackiest, wildest-dreaming, foamy-mouthed lunatic in that whole fraternity could be as gushingly positive as owner Jeremy Jacobs was before last night's home opener.
Before the show starts in "Shine a Light," we see Bill and Hillary Clinton gushingly introduce the band members to her mom.
In Morocco, however, it has gushingly praised the Moroccan monarch without demanding political change.
So I scrambled out of the car and rushed over to him and, falling to my knees, gushingly said to him, "Robert, I'm a huge, huge fan of your work.
Miranda's curious wonder about the world and her history disappears as she begins to spend all of her energy on gushingly mirando (looking) into Ferdinand's eyes.
I was only six, and none of the proceedings meant much to me, although the press release gushingly described our encounter of a few seconds with Madame Chiang as a thrill that we "tiny Jungs" had eagerly awaited.
A thousand thanks to you, my dear Jewel of a Joel, for a feast of reason and the flow of the soul," as William Hayley rather gushingly put it in a letter of thanks for a copy of Barlow's Letters to the National Convention (Leafy 332).