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and another expressing mushy, gushy love (To the Love of My Life).
The chocolate melts in your mouth and they are really gushy and crunchy.
But in the past four or five years I've become really gushy.
The Congressional hearings on steroid use in baseball turned into an orgy of self-promotion as committee members told gushy stories about their love of the game.
Critics on the other hand have bemoaned the show for its obvious plots, mushy performances and gushy dialogue.
He was prone to write long, gushy love letters to women not his wife, and once in love he found it difficult to focus on his work.
True, some of the words are a little too American because of their gushy tones (coming from a European perspective) but I don't think any mother who receives this will be that concerned or bothered.
Yes, of course, that is what Strauss waltzes are all about, anyway, but a less overtly gushy approach is more to my liking.
The emergence of the Internet Shopping Network is a symbol of how coolly calculating heads are prevailing over gushy platitudes about democratic discourse in cyberspace.
Director Carl Franklin has permitted too much gushy music on the soundtrack, and Karen Croner's screenplay is awkward and often confusing.
lRoberts is also on the mark as Gushy (Mick Easterby) lands the nursery, but a less happy bunny is Tony Kimberly after Gualdo (Michael Stoute) is adjudged not to have run on his merits in the juvenile maiden won by stablemate Code Satin (Walter Swinburn).