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Face au monde, l'homme n'est jamais un oeil, une oreille, une main, une bouche ou un nez, mais un regard, une ecoute, un toucher, une gustation ou une olfaction, c'est-a-dire une activite.
Sensilla with tip pores can function in both gustation and mechanoreception, and occur on mole cricket maxillary and labial palps.
Evidence now exists that cross-modality matching can occur in sensations in chemical senses, such as odor and taste, which suggests olfaction and gustation might also be constrained by innate biases.
They cover the physiology and circumstance of taste; gustation in history; eloquent flavors; body and soul; taste and aesthetic discrimination; fine discernments and the cultivation of taste; taste, emotion, and memory; and artifice and authenticity.
Although this species is primarily a visual feeder (McMahon and Holanov, 1995), gustation apparently plays a role in the ultimate acceptance (Kubitza and Lovshin, 1997) or rejection (Kruse and Stone, 1984) of potential food items.
In studies of gustation, masking has mainly been explored using detection tasks: a masking effect often occurs when the presence of an additional taste interferes with the detection or perception of a target stimulus presented near the lower absolute threshold.
Molecular mechanisms of chemosensory transduction: gustation and olfaction.
Early work by Moran & Brown (1973) on Trioza erytreae (Del Guercio), an African citrus-feeding psyllid, illustrated that antennal chemoreception of volatile plant secondary compounds was important but that antennal tip gustation might also be involved.