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Kernot lead away with Jones right on his stern blocking his gybe back to the line.
The two boats fought on port gybe before Kernot eventually took the air of his opponent and crept ahead as they slowly made their way downwind.
This was our chance to get on the podium and we missed it by just two gybes.
You had to play some gybes and take some options, it was full VMG sailing, so more of a game, more fun.
We put in five or six gybes on the way up, but the first hour to hour and a half, the breeze did not shift at all," he said.
In the sport of international sailing, the spectacle that is the America's Cup continues unabated as the most controversial event on our watery world, with more tacks and gybes of politics and passion exhibited onshore in the lead up to each series than is played out on the racecourse every four years.
Coming down the final leg to the finish we both 'dialed up', then went on different gybes looking for the better pressure," Griffin explained later.