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We had planned to gybe at the mark, but we couldn't because our spinnaker had some turns, so the two boats behind gybed and I think because they were together, we gained, sailing a better angle.
We gybed, luffed them and they received a penalty; game over for Jay
We let him go on our right, we didn't react quickly enough and then it was a fight and he overtook us and when we gybed he was ahead of us.
I guess when Telefonica gybed and we saw how much we closed them down with about half an hour remaining in the race, we thought we are going fast here and it's possible we can get them," said Abu Dhabi skipper Walker, after winning from Puma in a time of one minute and 16 seconds.
Part of this was that we found more wind pressure immediately after rounding the top mark and when Liberty gybed away from us to find their own pressure, we continued on.