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She will not only give room to Sally to gybe and to round the mark but she will also keep clear.
Noel (St Jude) got through us north of Pittwater and we sailed gybe for gybe to Nobby's Head with the new Occasional Coarse Language (Warwick Sherman's GTS43), so I'm exceedingly happy with our I title boat - we're one of the smallest in the fleet.
This means the three-mile downwind leg with course boundaries would take just six minutes - including a weather mark rounding, hoisting and unfurling a spinnaker roughly the size used onboard Wild Oats XI, then three gybes, and finally dropping the spinnaker and rounding the bottom mark cleanly.
This was our chance to get on the podium and we missed it by just two gybes.
OFFSHORE spoke with YSA Committee members of the time Ian Treleaven and Maurie Cameron (chair) to tap their recollections of the tacks and gybes that led to the formation of the YSA.