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Kernot lead away with Jones right on his stern blocking his gybe back to the line.
The two boats fought on port gybe before Kernot eventually took the air of his opponent and crept ahead as they slowly made their way downwind.
Rooklyn's crew, particularly his foredeck hand, had to have nerves of steel, with their skipper throwing in short sharp tacks and gybes at mark roundings surrounded by others from three classes.
On the AC 72's it will take up to a minute - and with the long and narrow course layout in San Francisco, allowing teams multiple opportunitities to pick the sailing angles to defend their position or attack the opposition, there could be up to fifty tacks and gybes during a 2013 America's Cup race.
This means the three-mile downwind leg with course boundaries would take just six minutes - including a weather mark rounding, hoisting and unfurling a spinnaker roughly the size used onboard Wild Oats XI, then three gybes, and finally dropping the spinnaker and rounding the bottom mark cleanly.
Throwing in a few gybes went without fuss as I leaned forward to take charge of the mainsheet from the helm position as the Dehler spun around nicely, I'd say.
The primary grinder pedestal system allows for high-speed spinnaker gybes, sail hoists, and string line spinnaker drops, similar to a TP52.
The central pedestal driving the two carbon primary winches is clearly the 'engine room' of the boat, generating high line speeds to power everything from sail hoists, lightening fast tacks and gybes, and high-speed, line-driven kite douses.