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Conditions did get testing, especially at the wing mark where gybing under spinnaker was not for the faint hearted.
Here the fleet sailed safely, with most clearing the reef well, gybing out onto port and hoisting the spinnaker.
Walker clung doggedly to Jerwood's transom, but found a determined opponent who covered tightly on the upwind leg and refused to be intimidated by the gybing manoeuvres going on behind him.
Operating it can also be safer as I found out when gybing because there's far less impact, with no rigging to crash against (and the forward jib section of the wing acts as brake to cushion the swinging momentum of the mainsail section).
The cross gybing and tacking with the cruising fleet in the middle was fantastic.
Gybing proved the easiest way of changing course with the large Code Zero flying and was easily only a two-person job (or just use the automatic Gybe feature on the Simrad autopilot).
Approaching he leeward mark for the last time, the two twelves were engaged in a fierce gybing duel when, in a moment of severe stress, one of Australia II's underdeck pulleys linking the rudder to the wheel ripped out of its welded jacket.