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Marie and Lee recruited 24 female gymnastics judges with one to 19 years' experience.
The grant will be used to benefit the USA Gymnastics Fitness Program, which encourages kids ages 6-16 to engage in physical fitness through training, exercise and nutrition awareness.
The fun-packed day will be filled with several opportunities for children to be involved in gymnastics classes which will be available free of charge throughout the day, along with a series of Martial Arts Classes; plenty of games and various stalls.
Since 2009 Planet has shared their home with Cardiff Olympic Gymnastics - one of the oldest women's artistic clubs in Wales, and acts as a feeder club for Cardiff Olympic, increasing opportunities for gymnasts to move onto a pathway of competitive gymnastics within women's artistic specifically.
Day two Francesca Jones, rhythmic gymnastics, women's individual all around.
However, we are continuing to develop tumbling at Deerness Gymnastics Academy along with acrobatic gymnastics, and have a number of ways in which people can participate in both disciplines of gymnastics.
Frank Maier, Director for adidas Heartbeat Sports, Sales & Licensing, is confident that these ambitions can be realized with the right partner at the right time: "With Elegant Sports we have committed ourselves to a partner that will be 100% focused on the future development of adidas Gymnastics.
He will now become the club's patron, supporting it in its aim to develop happy, healthy and confident children through the development of sport and gymnastics in particular.
Preview and take a tour of the new, state of the art gymnastics center for free on Saturday, September 8, 2012 from 9am to 1pm.
The main aim of the Key Steps Gymnastics is to provide pathways of development for schoolchildren who have had no experience of gymnastics and are new to the sport, therefore opening up the sport to school children who may never have previously chosen to take part or compete in gymnastics.
But after the ban by USA Gymnastics in 1998, which followed complaints by students of Steven Infante in Massachusetts and Connecticut, Infante was not arrested and continued to be involved with gymnastics schools and camps in both states.