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Speaking: Areas of activation were observed bilaterally in the superior frontal gyrus (BA6), and the insula (BA13) and the inferior parietal lobule (BA47), the superior parietal lobule (BA7), the superior temporal gyrus (BA22) and the postcentral gyrus (BA43) of the left hemisphere, the superior temporal gyrus (BA 42, 38) and the precentral gyrus (BA6) of the right hemisphere.
This is confirmed by the everted cingulated gyrus lying horizontally separating the vertically oriented gyri from the CSF space.
By means of brain imaging techniques, it was discovered that all subjects were using the same parts of the brain during reading: areas mainly located in the left hemisphere--as expected--and especially the prefrontal cortex, the upper, middle, and lower temporal areas, as well as the upper temporal gyrus in the right hemisphere.
In addition to the left BA47 (Inferior frontal gyrus --Pars orbitalis) that has the highest intensity, the following regions appear "activated": BA46, BA6, BA 13, BA37, BA20, BA21, BA22, BA7 and BA18
Furthermore, the diabetes group had lower fMRI activation of the left inferior frontal gyrus (Brodmann area 13) in the 1-back versus 0-back (working memory) condition, and had less activation of the left middle frontal gyrus and the superior frontal gyrus in the 2-back versus 0-back comparison, they added.
The brain imaging measured blood volume in the dentate gyrus, a measure of metabolism, and the memory test involved a 20-minute pattern-recognition exercise designed to evaluate a type of memory controlled by the dentate gyrus.
Under the new tie-up, clients of Gyrus Systems learning management system (LMS), GyrusAim and Training Wizard , will gain access to OpenSesame s 20,000+ courses for training and development.
During the resting state, the depression group had higher mean ALFF than the control group in the posterior cingulate gyrus, left inferior temporal gyrus, right superior temporal gyrus, right insula, right parietal lobe, and right fusiform gyrus.
When they tested the children for memory performance, children with a larger CA3/dentate gyrus tended to perform better, they found.
Based on the false estimates, Olympus decided at a board meeting the same month to spend tens of billions of yen to buy Gyrus by inflating the price of preference shares, the sources said.
You might never have heard of Gyrus Medical of St Mellon's on the Newport side of Cardiff.
At any given time, about 3 to 5 percent of the cells in the dentate gyrus are in some stage of growth, says Fred Gage, a neuroscientist at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, Calif.