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Regular or customary; usual.

A habitual drunkard, for example, is an individual who regularly becomes intoxicated as opposed to a person who drinks infrequently. A habitual criminal is a legal category that has been created by a number of state statutes by which serious penalties can be imposed on individuals who have been repeatedly convicted of a designated crime.


adjective according to habit, accustomary, accustomed, automatic, chronic, common, commonplace, confirmed, constant, consuetudinary, continual, customary, daily, established, expected, familiar, fixed, frequent, ingrained, inveterate, inveteratus, natural, normal, periodic, periodical, perpetual, prevalent, recurrent, recurring, regular, repeated, rooted, routine, set, standard, sustained, traditional, typical, usitatus, usual, wonted
Associated concepts: habitual cohabitation, habitual criminal, habitual cruel and inhuman treatment, habitual insanity, haaitual intemperance, habitual intoxication, habitual offender, habitual use, habitual violator, predicate felon, recidivist
See also: accustomed, boiler plate, chronic, constant, conventional, current, customary, daily, familiar, frequent, general, household, ingrained, inveterate, mundane, normal, ordinary, orthodox, periodic, prevailing, prevalent, regular, repeated, routine, systematic, traditional, typical, usual
References in classic literature ?
His habitual awe of the white man checked his arm; the trapper's friends crowded to the spot, and arrested him.
To say nothing of their habitual indolence, by what contrivance within the reach of so simple a people could such enormous masses have been moved or fixed in their places?
At length the decrepit stranger, turning his vacant looks from face to face, made a feeble attempt to rise, while a faint smile crossed his wasted face, like an habitual effort at courtesy, as he said, in a hollow, tremulous voice:
At first the movements about those spots were of a humble kind--those that belong to domestic service or agricultural needs--the opening of doors and windows, the sweeping and brushing, and generally the restoration of habitual order.
I know no one more entitled, by unpretending merit, or better prepared by habitual suffering, to receive and enjoy felicity.
To having had habitual dealings with the devil under the form of a goat familiar, joined with you in the suit?
Philip gave him a startled look, but before he could take in the meaning of his words, Athelny, fixing his glasses on his nose with the gesture habitual to him, went on.
The Italian's face instantly changed and assumed an offensively affected, sugary expression, evidently habitual to him when conversing with women.
He made a grimace which was habitual with him whenever he was "out" in a game; then subsided into a laugh, and drew a brandy-flask from his pocket.
The company he belonged to left town in the adversity habitual with them.
Slowly, after the manner of locomotion habitual to the Mahars, when they are not using their wings, we crept through throngs of busy slaves, Sagoths, and Mahars.
I cannot understand how Lop-Ear got over his habitual caution, but it must have been the play.