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Regular or customary; usual.

A habitual drunkard, for example, is an individual who regularly becomes intoxicated as opposed to a person who drinks infrequently. A habitual criminal is a legal category that has been created by a number of state statutes by which serious penalties can be imposed on individuals who have been repeatedly convicted of a designated crime.


adjective according to habit, accustomary, accustomed, automatic, chronic, common, commonplace, confirmed, constant, consuetudinary, continual, customary, daily, established, expected, familiar, fixed, frequent, ingrained, inveterate, inveteratus, natural, normal, periodic, periodical, perpetual, prevalent, recurrent, recurring, regular, repeated, rooted, routine, set, standard, sustained, traditional, typical, usitatus, usual, wonted
Associated concepts: habitual cohabitation, habitual criminal, habitual cruel and inhuman treatment, habitual insanity, haaitual intemperance, habitual intoxication, habitual offender, habitual use, habitual violator, predicate felon, recidivist
See also: accustomed, boiler plate, chronic, constant, conventional, current, customary, daily, familiar, frequent, general, household, ingrained, inveterate, mundane, normal, ordinary, orthodox, periodic, prevailing, prevalent, regular, repeated, routine, systematic, traditional, typical, usual
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If a licensing authority is satisfied, after giving the holder of a driving licence an opportunity of being heard, that he is a habitual criminal or habitual drunkard, it can disqualify the person from holding a driving licence," the law reads.
The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled that habitual residence corresponds "to the place which reflects some decree of integration by the child in a social and family environment.
Questionarios e entrevistas se engajam na metodologia de avaliar a classificacao de atividade fisica habitual da populacao, por ser um metodo nao invasivo e de facil aplicacao, porem nao ha uma precisao nos dados que neles sao apresentados, ja que a populacao pode se confundir ao interpretar o contexto das perguntas (Guedes e Guedes, 2006; Lima e colaboradores, 2010), para ocupar esta lacuna o interessante e analisar no modo face a face (individual), mas a grande dificuldade e a memoria das atividades realizadas (Lima e colaboradores, 2010).
Also, this voluntary public offer is made exclusively to shareholders of RTT with permanent or habitual residence or domicile in a member state of the EU.
judicial system, the majority of case law stems from two main issues: custody and habitual residence; however many courts have held the Convention is not for custody purposes.
In order to pass a habitual residence test, migrants will have to answer more individually tailored questions, provide more detailed answers, and submit more evidence before they will be allowed to make a claim.
Under the habitual criminal law, a person convicted of the offense would be subject to the maximum sentence if he had two prior convictions both resulting in state prison sentences of at least three years.
Habitual expresses a situation that usually repeats on different occasions over a period of time.
Another habitual petitioner Shahid Orakzai has filed 50 petitions since 2015.
You are a habitual petitioner who insults judges,' the chief justice observed.
Warrier tagged a Dossier Criminal at Panjesha Mohalla, geo tagging of residences of habitual offenders according to the orders of Telangana State Director General of Police (in-charge) M.
portfolio entrepreneurs also more First of all, habitual entrepreneurs make a disproportionate contribution to the level of business start-ups across the UK.