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It is astonishing how much the Art -- or I may almost call it instinct -- of Sight Recognition is developed by the habitual practice of it and by the avoidance of the custom of "Feeling".
Lecount's habitual practice to decide everything for her master in the first instance, and then to persuade him that he was not acting under his housekeeper's resolution but under his own, she would have seen it now.
He pictures himself as somewhat gangly, somewhat aristocratic ("on m'appelait Monsieur"), his lips crimped by the habitual practice of irony.
Habitual practice was undoubtedly a powerful agent for fostering repetitive routine procedures, but it could not prevent haphazard or even careless notation.
But habitual practice creates its own problems ('disjoint' or 'cacophonic' times), which require conscious thought and action.
In March an Egyptian court sentenced 21 men to three years in jail with charges of 'the habitual practice of debauchery' following their arrest of the 'Cairo 52' on the Queen Boat moored on the Nile.
Despair-O-Meter register so many Ennui Points that your character sobbingly confesses on air to the habitual practice of auto-erotic asphyxiation.
The Kilcooleys' action was simply part of their habitual practice of the Golden Rule--to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Thus, the design called liau haguti depicts the act of a deceased's soul as it removes the fleas from the hair of another soul (this is a habitual practice which the dead person used to do when he or she was alive).
Dubay points out six general traits of those who reach the summit of holiness, such as the habitual practice of virtue even in painful and difficult situations, promptness in doing what needs to be done, and cheerful joy.
The third part examines the significance of ethics as an ongoing activity of discernment and regulation of desires: the development of a "second nature" through habitual practice of virtues.
Every shooter is a range safety officer, and for most of us, the habitual practice of safe shooting is as much a part of us as table manners or driving a car.