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If we can make the people habituated to sweet potato consumption the nation can reduce its dependence on rice to a greater extent," he said adding that steps should be taken to make the people in general aware in this regard.
We conclude that the cooperative breeding system is a facultative breeding strategy in both natural and habituated buff-throated partridge, and suggest that variation in food resources might cause variation in demography and the frequency of cooperative breeding among populations.
John Quincy Adams warned Americans not to search abroad for monsters to destroy, yet such figures have frequently habituated the discourses of U.
Every month we take samples from all the habituated groups--the ones that you can see--which regularly come into contact with people.
For years after his release from the "cowshed," he found it difficult to cope with many everyday tasks such as handling a simple purchase with a shop clerk; during months on end as a prisoner, he had become habituated to "staring at the ground wherever I went and being cursed and threatened.
Once habituated to finding food near homes or campgrounds, bears can become a threat to human safety and often must be destroyed," the agency said.
In general, people watch programs and program types that they have become habituated to.
Housebreaking, crate training and getting pup habituated to people are our first major tasks; the last is critical.
The Committee also said there was a misconception that the test was conducted to judge if the woman was habituated to sexual intercourse and that the test was purely to examine genital organs for forced penetration, document injuries and collect samples.
Wesley saw all of these as means of grace and encouraged the Christian to become habituated in practicing all of them in a balanced way.
The monkeys are now habituated to it, and it has become a problem for the civic body," the officer said.
Schell noted that the Atlantic City area has the most human/bear conflicts in the county, especially with black bears getting habituated to human trash and interactions.