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She was discovered Tuesday - disoriented and dirty, dressed in a transient's clothes and with her hair haphazardly hacked off - in bushes behind a home nearly 25 miles from the airport.
OSCAR-winner Jennifer Hudson's murdered seven-year-old nephew had his hand hacked off before he was shot dead, it was reported yesterday.
OSCAR-winner Jennifer Hudson's murdered nephew Julian King, seven, had his hand hacked off before he was shot dead, it was reported yesterday.
A FARMER trapped in a blazing roller machine hacked off his own arm with a pen-knife to escape.
The thug hacked off several inches of Coco's tail early yesterday - just three days after a similar incident involving another horse in the same field.
No wonder English MPs get hacked off at Scots MPs voting on these issues.
She had been stabbed 40 times, her lower jaw had been hacked off and removed from the scene and the Spanish words for love, sex and peace had been written in her blood on the wall above the bed.
You name it, people groused about virtually every aspect of the movie, but the thing that hacked off audiences the most was the stupid color filters director Joshua Logan employed to enhance the mood of some scenes.
IF the good people of Bournemouth were told that from tomorrow their favourite stretch of beach was out of bounds because some holidaying Italian politician wanted exclusive use of it, they would be justifiably hacked off.
Twisted killer Ibrahim Gadzhiyev, 35, also hacked off Lena Karaseva's head and threw it into a bin after his horrific attack.
CAMPAIGN group Hacked Off yesterday said it would consider Conservative plans for a new press regulator backed by a royal charter.
During the footage, lasting around five minutes, Farida Rehman is seen in her living room struggling with her attackers, being held around her neck and having some of her hair hacked off.