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We are building our pool of ethical hackers so that we'll be able to check the vulnerability of our systems, networks and databases,' Fabro said.
NTISB has traced links of hackers and they originate from Mumbai.
This allows analyzing more specifically, the tradeoffs between information sharing and cyber attack, which are the two strategic choice variables for each hacker, in interaction with a defending firm which has one strategic choice variable-the level of investment in its security.
Indian hackers posted their country flag on PPP's official website, www.
Since it was such a low level site, it is possible that the hack attack was just part of a training exercise for hackers the Iranian government is training for more meaningful attacks later.
The hackers also asked the government file complain against Shadoow008 to Federal Investigation Authority (FIA).
In order to deter hackers from attacking again, Apple accessories supplier iThrough has invited experts to strike back at hackers.
Islamabad, Nov 4(ANI): A group of Pakistani hackers going by the name of 'Predators PK' have hacked 270 Indian websites, including that of the Central Bureau of Investigation.
Global Secure Systems has warned that hackers can now destroy hardware systems, as well as software.
There's reason to believe the hackers of the UGLA database were more adept than most and that they accessed a large number of records.
At that point, the student hacker can "listen in" to any data transmissions over the Wi-Fi network.
Hackers are no longer fringe elements, but rather organized, career criminals that launch precision or targeted attacks in order to hold for ransom, destroy and steal information--all with a financial profit in mind.