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TO HAVE. These words are used in deeds for the conveyance of land, in that clause which usually declared for what estate the land is granted. The same as Habendum. (q.v.) Vide Habendum; Tenendum.

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50-59%) showed patients' having had at least one new partner or multiple partners in the past four months.
Eighty-seven percent of women had resumed intercourse by the survey date, and another 2% had attempted to do so; the proportion who had at least attempted to start having sex again was significantly greater among women without depression than among those who were depressed (90% vs.
To assess the incidence of and risk factors for a first reinfection with gonorrhea, researchers analyzed data on 8,327 heterosexually active individuals aged 12 or older who visited the two clinics between January 1994 and October 1998, and who had at least one visit during which genital gonorrhea infection was diagnosed by culture.
The majority had had at least a high school education and had never been married.