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These tend to make sense financially," Hailer says.
Hailer and his team pushed the split from brown bears back to about 600,000 years ago (SN: 5/19/12, p.
Now I am sure that there are many people who think that I don't need a loud hailer to scream across the track, as for someone who is only five foot tall, I can generally make myself heard fairly well.
Previous studies suggested that polar bears would have had to be evolving very rapidly, since they were so young," Hailer said in a telephone interview.
Ostia of Hailer cells are usually not seen in the middle meatus and infundibulum area from an anterior perspective.
Barbara Tucker used a loud hailer to accuse Mr Duncan of being a "murderer, terrorist, child murderer, bomber, disgusting, horrible and totally corrupt" as he left Parliament one evening in February.
INVENTORS: Gruenewaelder, Bernhard (Hilden, Germany); Schoettmer, Bernhard (Monheim, Germany); Hailer, Werner (Erkrath, Germany); Klauck, Wolfgang (Meerbusch, Germany); and Ness, Birgit (Langenfeld, Germany).
Wentworth Property Management Corporation announced that Allen Hailer has joined the company as community association manager of the Four Seasons at Smithville community in Smithville, N.
Ted Hailer, AdFarm/Jordon Group hosted a panel of fellow marketing communication agency executives at the annual National Association of Farm Broadcasting (NAFB) Convention.
Michael Hailer is a "Lincoln lawyer": He conducts most of his business from the back seat of his Lincoln Town Car, while his driver ferries him from court hearing to appointment to jail, all over Los Angeles County.
He ran into a house in Tuart Street, just 50 yards away, but after armed officers surrounded it and ordered him out using a loud hailer, they eventually forced their way inside and discovered it was empty.