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But he has not owned up to the false testimony, the stonewalling and legal hairsplitting, and obstructing the courts from finding the truth.
Today that kind of clocked Olympian hairsplitting seems absurdly proprietary.
Attempting to elevate such hairsplitting objections to the level of racism threatens legitimate efforts to identify and eliminate offensive language from popular usage.
We hope that regulators will finally get out of the way and give the AT&T/SBC merger their blessing without wasting more of taxpayers' money on needless hours of regulatory hairsplitting.
The problem with all the convoluted, trying to have it both ways, hairsplitting arguments against gay marriage is that it involves people.
Aficionados know it, have many recordings of it, have heard many performances of it,and so - although it may sound like hairsplitting - there is a certain connoisseurism in what does this guy do differently?
Then gradually came an era of hairsplitting and liturgical minimalism, along with a neurotic fear of spilling drops of the sacred Blood.
Not only the old-fashioned carnal way but with hairsplitting legal verbal gibberish that would be comic were it not tragic.
It is the three-paragraph statement that will give Americans the first flavour of the President's demeanour and lawyerly explanations throughout the rest of his grand jury testimony - a defence some of the President's own supporters now admit might invol ve too much legal hairsplitting.
These claims, often considered mere theological hairsplitting, take on enormous significance insofar as they preclude any ontology rooted in violence and conflict.
In short, these masa il look like an exercise in far-fetched hairsplitting, apparently a recognized, as well as respected, pursuit.
Yet Rove's lawyer now concedes Rove did discuss Plame's CIA role with Time magazine reporter Matt Cooper but identified her only as former diplomat Joseph Wilson's wife - truly Clin- tonesque hairsplitting, unless it turns out that the ambassador is a polygamist.