half distance

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I had scarce set my foot upon the hill when my eye plainly discovered a ship lying at anchor, at about two leagues and a half distance from me, SSE.
Barnardo's has held the event in the capital for five years and is planning to introduce a new route for the half distance - to be confirmed later in the year - to start and finish at City Hall.
The Ballantyne Trophy winner was one of three riders who broke away from the rest in the 3/4 race at half distance and calmly outsprinted Alex Ainsley (Cleveland Whs) and Scott Thwaites from the Merlin Development Squad.
London organisers will ensure the half distance will be reached in around 62:30, which would set him and others up to surpass the Kenyan's three-year-old mark.
Kawasaki's Glen Richards and then Yamaha's Gary Mason had led the opening race with Reynolds moving into second place at half distance.
He had been breathing down Hislop's neck from the start and took over at half distance, maintaining a hectic pace.
Joining them are over 1,000 age group athletes, many of them local Bahrainis competing for the first time over the half distance.
Next time out, Byrne again made the early running, but Hill swept ahead just before half distance at Graham Hill Bend, and then held on.
Camier was soon on the charge, picking off places to be running second at half distance and then swooping into the lead with four laps to go.
Lewis Sharman, Liverpool Century RC, broke away from a group of 10 other riders at half distance and looked to have the race sewn up but Ben bided his time and set off after the lone leader and caught him with seven laps to go.
Rea was five seconds up on Kiyonari at half distance and eased off a little.
The course is almost a 17-mile out and back route, with a four-mile loop in Weardale at half distance and takes in climbs at Carlonin, Bollihope and Folly Bank.