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HALF. One equal part of a thing divided into two parts, either in fact or in contemplation. A moiety. This word is used in composition; as, half cent, half dime, &c.

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Every morning he wakes up at half past two and whisks cream with milk.
So, we killed a few hours in the park until half past two, and I returned to the bank only to find out I needed to have an account there if I wanted to use the Internet.
The star stumped up the cash but later couldn't resist sending former manager Peter Swan a special delivery of two live lobsters and half a pound of butter which arrived at half past two in the morning.
Now, instead of general rowdiness at half past eleven we have riots at half past two.
One day, Tim and I dawdled over lunch, and it wasn't until half past two that we finally got under way.
You can't answer the question before last Radio 4 PM host Eddie Mair tells flustered Boris Johnson he's not in a comedy show Having mated with a praying mantis once we're not going to do it again Lib Dem Vince Cable rules out another coalition with the Tories Get your skates on, the first race is half past two Labour veteran Dennis Skinner reminds MPs the Queen is off to Ascot after the state opening of Parliament Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub Trumpton narrator and Play School host Brian Cant is remembered by fans after his death at 83 You haven't heard my final 'My Dear Old Thing' quite yetCricket commentator Henry "Blowers" Blofeld announces his plans to retire
Well, it's gone half past two, Ieuan, and you've got a good step to walk.
Wouldn't it be annoying if you had a go anyway, got everything done in record time and said to the wife: "The house is in its best shape for years" only for her to say: "The BBC weather forecast says a space rock has hit the Caribbean, there's a 100ft tsunami coming up the Hudders-field Narrow Canal at half past two, three weeks of acid rain and the Pennine Fault is about to erupt off the Richter Scale.
Reportedly born in Swindon and raised in Surrey, he's a YouTube regular with jokes such as: "I put a horse on at 10 to one and it came in at half past two.
Natalie Claire Farber and Matthew Allan Brumfield were joyfully united in marriage at half past two o'clock in the afternoon on November 4, 2012, beneath the oak tree at Mathews Manor in Springville, Alabama.
She's been lying in bed Now it's half past two Time you got up Her mother said The days half gone And you're still in bed She slouches downstairs Pyjamas still on Lunch is long over So she just grabs a scone Her telephone rings Friends are going to the shops It's amazing how quick she moves She's dressed and out in two hops A GRIST, Newcastle.