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HALF. One equal part of a thing divided into two parts, either in fact or in contemplation. A moiety. This word is used in composition; as, half cent, half dime, &c.

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Half-heartedly, the PA submitted applications to join 15 UN organisations.
Stumblebum Steve Buscemi chews the fat with fall-down drunks in a Brooklyn bar while half-heartedly trying to get work.
The animal-rights group PETA half-heartedly endorses the practice as a "superior option" to store-bought meat, since it doesn't involve intentionally slaughtering animals.
The Spaniard had been warned by Colin Montgomerie that he could be booed by fans in the wake of his "fried chicken" row with Tiger Woods, but the one person who did so half-heartedly on the 11th tee was drowned out by cheers and cries of 'Go get 'em Sergio.
Having half-heartedly taken up the challenge, unfortunately I fell at the first fence.
Puzzled at finding himself thwarted by this human who brushed him as he liked, and talked all the time, the animal tried his other tricks again, rather half-heartedly, but Nick stayed on his back.
Haifa (h) 2-0 Fulham (h) 1-1* Dynamo Kiev (a) 0-2 Swansea *Cup match Stoke should make their point AFTER a strong start to the season Stoke have lost three games in a row but don't expect the Potters to start approaching games half-heartedly.
BERNIE STREETER: The former mayor of Nashua and longtime executive councilor, withdraws as a candidate for Nashua alderman, saying, "I didn't have the strength to do a campaign, and I didn't want to do anything half-heartedly.
But these are continuously being ignored or tackled half-heartedly, said Prof.
amp;nbsp;"I have spent the past several months unofficially campaigning and recognize that running for public office cannot be done half-heartedly.
In a highly controversial statement, Bulgaria's economy minister has defended, though half-heartedly, the flourishing gray sector in the country, saying that still it generates growth.
Backed by the young neo-classical Heritage Orchestra, the likes of If You Only and How Half-Heartedly We Behave caress his baritone vocal.