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HALF. One equal part of a thing divided into two parts, either in fact or in contemplation. A moiety. This word is used in composition; as, half cent, half dime, &c.

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This was seconded by @mclocksley1, who tweeted: "Poor unelected half-wit princess
Louis XVI is portrayed as a feeble but amiable half-wit, while the Revolution itself emerges as a cascade of irrational violence.
Contrary to the typical American-made youth flicks that patronize its audience with sappy scripts or half-wit buffoonery, Y Tu Mama Tambien elevates the coming-of-age road-trip genre to another level.
Half-wit Webb suggested that oldies might spend their pension pots on a Lamborghini when constraints are lifted next year.
Even a half-wit with the desire to derail the HS2 at 250mph could design a simple way without resorting to bombs or explosives.
They said Lucy looked like a half-wit, lying in bed, waggling her finger at the ceiling; but the moment they were out of the room she began again, although it was hard to explain to anyone the fascination of that blank, white ceiling like an enormous drawing-book with no need of an india-rubber.
No half-wit wins a championship in Ireland or rides for John Oxx.
Like coal, oil and water, fame is a finite resource and at the moment we are being very wasteful, liberally spooning it on any half-wit who doesn't mind getting drunk and naked in front of a few million viewers.
Widow Simone and the half-wit Alain are jewel roles for male character dancers, there are funky chickens, clog dancing and tricky patterns to create with ribbons to satisfy the corps de ballet.
He said he was now able to strike off his bucket list "a night at the Academy Awards", just months after striking off "wreck United by advocating a half-wit as manager".
Almost every other word was the F-word and he acted like a half-wit, shouting for his wife Sharon to get the dog poo up, which seemed to be distributed all over the house.