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HALLUCINATION, med. jur. It is a species of mania, by which "an idea reproduced by the memory is associated and embodied by the imagination." This state of mind is sometimes called delusion or waking dreams.
     2. An attempt has been made to distinguish hallucinations from illusions; the former are said to be dependent on the state of the intellectual organs and, the latter, on that of those of sense. Ray, Med. Jur. Sec. 99; 1 Beck, med. Jur. 538, note. An instance is given of a temporary hallucination in the celebrated Ben Johnson, the poet. He told a friend of his that he had spent many a night in looking at his great toe, about which he had seen Turks and Tartars, Romans and Carthagenians, fight, in his imagination. 1 Coll. on Lun. 34. If, instead of being temporary, this affection of his mind had been permanent, he would doubtless have been considered insane. See, on the subject of spectral illusions, Hibbert, Alderson and Farrar's Essays; Scott on Demonology, &c.; Bostock's Physiology, vol. 3, p. 91, 161; 1 Esquirol, Maladies Mentales, 159.

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She noted that there are vast regions between Nineveh border province and Syria that are used by the ISIL terrorists for importing narcotics and hallucinating drugs into Mosul
Apart from spotting a few tears in his eyes, and the short period of hallucinating, he was cool and collected and seemed to cope very well.
He said: "I had to take a break as I felt really sweaty and the owner said I was hallucinating.
Hallucinating Foucault is a thriller that explores with consummate mastery the passionate relationship between reader and writer, between the factual and the fictional, between sanity and madness.
Cornell's Tim Gallagher, editor of Living Bird magazine, says that he grilled Sparling about the details and decided that the kayaker "was either hallucinating or he'd seen an ivory-billed woodpecker.
The truth is, it was never in the Charter, until hallucinating judges "read in" imaginary "rights.
A man was hallucinating and thought people were going to petrol bomb his house before he collapsed in a street, an inquest heard.
53) as it was in the hallucinating schizophrenic (coherence 0.
At one stage I was hallucinating and there was a big mouse that ran at me along the floor.
3, 2002, Gilbert Walker, 43, burst into his neighbor's home after hallucinating that ceramic Chinese dogs were barking or talking.
The smart kind who thinks AA is stupid but winds up hallucinating about spiders, blacking out, and eventually smoking crack with prostitutes.
When found, the patient was hallucinating and believed that people were in the room.