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HALLUCINATION, med. jur. It is a species of mania, by which "an idea reproduced by the memory is associated and embodied by the imagination." This state of mind is sometimes called delusion or waking dreams.
     2. An attempt has been made to distinguish hallucinations from illusions; the former are said to be dependent on the state of the intellectual organs and, the latter, on that of those of sense. Ray, Med. Jur. Sec. 99; 1 Beck, med. Jur. 538, note. An instance is given of a temporary hallucination in the celebrated Ben Johnson, the poet. He told a friend of his that he had spent many a night in looking at his great toe, about which he had seen Turks and Tartars, Romans and Carthagenians, fight, in his imagination. 1 Coll. on Lun. 34. If, instead of being temporary, this affection of his mind had been permanent, he would doubtless have been considered insane. See, on the subject of spectral illusions, Hibbert, Alderson and Farrar's Essays; Scott on Demonology, &c.; Bostock's Physiology, vol. 3, p. 91, 161; 1 Esquirol, Maladies Mentales, 159.

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He had observed frequent involvement of the midbrain, which led to selecting the term peduncular hallucinosis.
Transient peduncular hallucinosis secondary to brain stem by a medulloblastoma.
In our study patients, alcohol withdrawal seizures (38%) was the most common neurological complication followed by acute hallucinosis (20%).
You don't have to give patients parkinsonism in order to block their hallucinosis," Dr.
Five continued to meet criteria for alcoholic hallucinosis.
Three factors determine the need for detoxification: the course of previous alcohol withdrawals (alcoholic hallucinosis, seizures, or delirium tremens), elevated vital signs or other evidence of autonomic hyperactivity such as diaphoresis or tremors, and the patient's general medical condition.
5mg at bedtime, to resolve mild depressive symptoms and hallucinosis.
Diagnostic testing ruled out hallucinosis related to seizures.