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HALL. A public building used either for the meetings of corporations, courts, or employed to some public uses; as the city hall, the town hall. Formerly this word denoted the chief mansion or habitation.

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Baron Design, an interior design firm for lobby, hallway, and common areas in high-end cooperatives, condominiums, and real-estate developments, has found that apartments can increase in value by a least 10 percent if the lobby and hallways are remodeled and up-to-date.
Paneled hallway, drawing room, ornate ceiling cornice plaster work in both drawing room and guest bedroom and traditional sash and case windows.
A great buy and a joyous first impression for your hallway.
Here's the experts' advice on transforming a hallway.
STARRY STAIRS Staircases are a key feature in a hallway and nowadays their potential is being realised with revamps of bannisters, bespoke staircases, or lighting.
And glow of light at the end of a hallway, Laura advises, will pull the eye towards it and make the space appear longer.
Two pools of Miss Richardson's blood - one large and one small - were found in her hallway and in her porch near the front door.
What you need 2 players or teams fine-tipped marker 8 walnuts 1 hazelnut long hallway or playing area
The front door leads into a spacious hallway with cloakroom.
I WANT to redecorate my hallway in time for Christmas to welcome in guests.