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Halting cases like this represents a significant cost to the public purse, and I believe the Government has not taken such costs into consideration - their cuts are a false economy.
Catherine~~s halting site, wetlands, kilkenny and the proposed development of the group housing scheme that will replace the existing halting site (2) st.
According to sources, these checks posts have been setup under the direction of SSP Muhammad Yousuf Malik while the police officials who are deployed on the halting points are involved in manhandling.
Jaipal Reddy said last week that no oil shortages would result from Iran's halting supplies in August.
This manual process has been deemed as inadequate to deal with halting trading across multiple securities in multiple marketplaces in a short space of time.
Following her inspections, Karam called for halting excavation work and closing the site until completion of the digging
Abdul Rahman al-Rashed, a Saudi columnist with the Saudi-owned newspaper ASHARQ AL AWSAT, criticized Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for summing up Palestinian demands for statehood in halting Jewish settlement building in the West Bank.